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IT Talent Acquisitions

The term Talent Acquisition is more often used synonymously with Recruiting. However, these are two very different things. “Recruiting” is a subset of talent acquisition that includes the activities of sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting, and hiring.

Prelude Software Solutions, Inc. has been helping companies achieve their business goals with professional staffing solutions. The process of hiring and managing people for IT projects takes focus away from core business demands. Whether it's for long-term contracts, contracts-to-hire or full-time direct-placement professionals, PreludeSoft offers clients the flexibility of accessing the skills they need, when they're needed - without increasing fixed costs or making long-term commitments to professional staff.

Working together, PreludeSoft develops a strategic partnership to provide workforce consultation to make client’s staffing process more effective. PreludeSoft also offers end-to-end workforce-related management services for companies who are looking to save time and money.


Some salient features of PreludeSoft's IT Talent Acquisition services include:

Tailor made Staffing solutions to Clieent's unique requirements
Results in saving of time coupled with scaled down expenditure
PreludeSoft’s talent acquisition goal is "the right person in the right place"
Shortens search for top talent
Gathers in-depth comprehension of Client's business requirements and staffing needs

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