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Software Integration

Companies often have different software applications built over time using different technologies, run on different hardware platforms and operating systems with inconsistent user interfaces. This results in isolated functionality, multiple instances of the same data, redundant manual activities and higher costs of operation and maintenance. For flexible and productive exchange of data between applications, integration of the diverse applications, processes and databases that drive client’s business is absolute necessity.

PreludeSoft leverages its in-depth knowledge of business processes to implement solutions that directly address a client's business objectives. PreludeSoft tests its integration software products extensively across a wide range of business scenarios.


Some salient features of PreludeSoft's Software Integration services include:

Control costs by accelerating data exchanges with any system or application
Improves interoperability, and enabling a scalable, secure and maintainable communication infrastructure.
smart customization of the pre-developed platforms
Improves efficiency and effectiveness of diverse systems through seamless integration
Ensures flexibility to meet continiously changing business requirements

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