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  Our Vision  

PreludeSoft's Vision

We are dedicated to improving our customers’ performance by applying our knowledge of technology to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.

Our Values Ethics & Integrity

As great men always, said “If you have an idea which you think is right, push it to a finish. But above all, don’t set your name to anything you will ever have caused to be ashamed of.” We take that to heart, to the extent that ethics, honesty and respect are upheld as the most important considerations in the business decisions we make.


Quality is the cornerstone of Prelude's brand promise to customers, and a basic requirement of global competitiveness. Our associates are deeply ingrained in quality processes to ensure that customers receive consistent, excellent quality in all Prelude products and services everywhere in the world.


Prelude is focused on continuously advancing quality of its services. From Custom Software development, to IT-enabled services, we develop innovative solutions with customers to help their applications run smoothly, and efficiently.


Because we believe independence fosters the greatest potential for creativity and growth, Prelude is managed to retain financial independence. In turn, our associates directly contribute and share rewards for the improvements we achieve to benefit our customers and other stakeholders.

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